answers and labels

You are withdrawn, loner, moody, avoidant, not big on fun, socially unskilled, not that interested in others, overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings frequently, depressed, socially awkward, hard to get to know, averse to change, private, not prone to complimenting others, driven by own personal gain, pessimistic, self absorbed, indifferent to the feelings of others, inflexible, skeptical, embarrassed easily, tense, attracted to things associated with sadness, very suspicious of others, interested in intellectual pursuits, lonely, doubting, quick to judge others, discontent, hard to understand, wounded at the core, worrying, uncooperative, not physically affectionate with most people, frustrated when people don’t live up to expectations.
You dislike crowds, small talk and touchy feely types.
You require lots of time alone to recharge.
You feel defective and you have low self confidence.
You do not forgive easily and do not believe in human goodness.
You believe in a logical answer for everything and feel second place is not good enough.
You have agnostic/atheist tendencies.

Hmm… and how is that supposed to help me?

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10 Responses to answers and labels

  1. Mr. Asonica says:

    what the…!
    ce baba clarvazatoare nitel drogata si cu un glob de cristal ciobit ti-a spus toate astea?
    daca vrei sa te ajute in vreun fel, io zic asa:
    1. scrii fiecare label din polologhia de mai sus pe cate o hartiuta
    2. separi hartiutele in gramajoare dupa cum iti place trasatura aceea sau nu
    3. incerci sa pastrezi tot ce ai in gramajoara cu lucruri bune si sa diminuezi gramajoara cu ce nu iti place – prin metode care includ prieteni, petreceri, blogul asta, baruri, carti, muzica, briza marii, campii verzi, a.k.a sugar, spice and everything nice care te face sa te simti bine.


  2. oompa says:

    Mai, problema n-ar fi de baba, problema ar fi c-o iau eu in serios.

    Haha, bun sfat, imi place, o s-aplic :)

  3. ionuca says:

    Vrem sa facem si noi minunatul test, ca sa putem compara rezultatele. Linkul, va rog!

  4. oompa says:

    Care “noi”? Tu si minunatele tale multiple personalitati? :D
    E Big Five (
    Enjoy! :P

  5. tuvia says:

    me si frica, toate testele astea pe care le fac ies negative.Rau :) sau e de bine, in fine, normalitatea e supra-evaluat

  6. ionuca says:

    Da, eu si celelalte ionuci :P

    Multam de link :)

  7. keb says:

    stop doing these tests, they’re bad for you. testele astea nu fac decat sa ne intareasca stereotipurile despre noi insine.

    daca chiar ai de gand sa scrii hartiutele alea, arde-le pe urma una cate una, sau arunca-le in WC, sau pe geam…. nu pt ca ai nega faptul ca sunt adevarate, ci pentru ca stii ca pot sa fie false si adevarate in acelasi timp, si, prin urmare, se autodistrug :)

  8. ann says:

    whoa, i don’t need to take any tests, you’ve got it all in here :|

  9. oompa says:

    Sa stii, keb, am observat si eu ca cele mai paguboase nu sunt etichetele pe care ni le aplica ceilalti, ci cele pe care ni le punem singuri. Si sunt si cele mai greu de dat jos.

  10. keb says:

    e f greu sa scapi de ele, cred, eu ma simt ca intr-un fel de lupta continua, uneori sunt mai tare, alteori (cam din 3 in 3 ani :) ) sunt slaba de tot. mi-e ciuda de aceste regrese periodice… si in perioada care le urmeaza am mereu impresia ca trebuie doar sa re-invat lucruri pe care le stiam deja, dar e oricum greu, pt ca am impresia ca as fi uitat total cum am reusit ultima oara. cerc vicios, cum se spune. family isn’t of much help either. ei parca abia asteapta sa te fi etichetat deja permanent, ca sa le fie clar ce-i cu tine si sa nu le mai creezi surprize :).

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